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Spybubble reviews always rave about the handy software’s spying capabilities. If you’re looking for software that can keep track of a person’s movements and whereabouts, then Spybubble is probably on your list. Installing spy software on a phone seems like such a sneaky thing to do, but there are also other legitimate uses for doing so.

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But as a discerning buyer, the ultimate question is: Does Spybubble work? Of course, you wouldn’t want to even consider it if it turns out to be a Spybubble scam. But this is what this review is all about. I will attempt to answer all your questions so you can see for yourself why Spybubble is the premier cell phone tracking software in the market.

What is Spybubble? Is it exactly what the Spybubble reviews say it is? Why do you need it?

Essentially, Spybubble is what the name says it is: a spying software or a cell phone tracking software. Once installed on a smartphone, you’ll be able to monitor the activities of the person in possession of the phone. This monitoring feature also happens in real time so even if you’re miles away from the person, you have remote access to the data feed. As most Spybubble reviews would tell you, the use is not limited to people with James Bond-like needs.

The most cliché use for spy software is monitoring the activities of your significant other. Some people, both married and unmarried, actually use the software to make sure that their partner is not cheating on them. There are also some worried parents on the list of Spybubble users. With today’s incredibly advanced smart phones, children are more than likely exposed to a lot of inappropriate material over the Internet. Parents use Spybubble to monitor their activities. Spybubble reviews also describe the ways Spybubble has been effectively used by employers to keep track of their wayward employees. No one wants to hire a slacker. If an employee gets paid for doing things that are not work-related, then his salary is a waste. The people you hire are an investment so it’s only natural that, as an employee, you only want the best on your team.

What about the ethical issues of spying?

With software as powerful as Spybubble, of course some ethical issues are bound to crop up. Is it correct to spy on other people? Is it legal? These are just some of the questions you might be confronted with when deciding whether to purchase the software. Do keep in mind that you should use the software only if you’re absolutely sure you can handle doing so and that you won’t regret the decision in the future. Knowing too much can potentially lead to devastating consequences, like the breakdown of a marriage, so you have to be completely certain about your decision. Most Spybubble reviews don’t mention this part so for your benefit, here are a few other things to remember when you do decide to use the software so your guilt and anxiety may be assuaged.

Remember that cell phone tracking software should be installed on a phone that is legally yours. This doesn’t mean strictly yours in the sense that you’re the one using it. A phone that you purchased for your wife or children can fall under the category. As for employees, it’s your obligation to let the person know that the phone issued to them has a monitoring system installed. Also, remember to use the information wisely. When you read Spybubble reviews and you get the idea of blackmailing or coercing other people or using the information you obtain to gain some sort of leverage over them, then Spybubble is not for you.

One last advice: be careful with how you store the information you’ve obtained. Don’t leave it carelessly lying around for anyone to see. Also, keep your Spybubble account secure so no one can access it save for you.

Is Spybubble compatible with all cellphone models?

Spybubble doesn’t work on all phone models. But as most Spybubble reviews would tell you, this cellphone tracking software has versions that support all the popular phone models, such as Blackberry, Symbian, and Android phones. It also works on an iPhone and on Windows Mobile. But just to be sure, check the list of supported phones before you buy the software.

What are the features of Spybubble software? Does Spybubble work?

Spybubble is packed full to bursting with lots of useful features. There’s call tracking, which allows you to keep track of incoming and outgoing calls. It monitors the length of each call and, if the number is saved on the phone’s memory, it shows you the name of the caller. Use it in conjunction with Phonebook Access, which lets you take a peek at all the numbers saved on the phone. Another feature is SMS tracking, which logs all the messages received by the phone onto your Spybubble account. Spybubble reviews rave about this feature because even if the holder of the phone deletes the message, a copy is saved to your account so you won’t have to worry about missing a significant text.

If you don’t want to use the software entirely for spying, then there’s the GPS Location Tracking feature that allows you to check the exact location of the phone. This feature is used in conjunction with Google Maps so if your phone gets lost, you’ll know where it is. Also, if you just want to make sure the holder of the phones is where they say they are, then this is the feature for you.

For cellphones with Internet and email capabilities, there’s Email Tracking, which keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing emails sent, and URL Tracking, which keeps a list of all the websites accessed using the phone. If all that’s still not enough, there’s also Photo Tracking, which uploads all the photos on the phone on to your account.

For those who want to get the Pro version, it comes with two other additional features: Call Listening and Environment Listening. With Call Listening, your online account functions like an extension line and you can listen in on all the conversations carried out using the phone. Environment Listening, on the other hand, lets you listen to the surroundings of the phone. The phone, as some Spybubble reviews put it, is turned into a microphone that transmits all the sounds in the immediate vicinity.

Are the Spybubble reviews reliable when they say it’s easy to use Spybubble?


Installing Spybubble requires a bit of stealth on your part too because you need to have the phone with your for a few minutes so you can get the phone’s identification number in the battery and install the software. But once you’ve gotten past this part, everything is easy.

First, you have to log into your Spybubble account. On the Configuration menu, you have to enter the phone’s identification number. After, you can install the software on the phone by going to a URL which Spybubble will provide. Once it’s accessed via a web browser, a program will automatically be installed on the cellphone. If you’ve read your fair share of Spybubble reviews, then you know that the consensus is that it’s really easy to use! Spybubble is undetectable—it leaves no traces. There are no icons that show the program running or any alerts or sounds. It’s all stealthy and invisible so the holder of the phone won’t b any wiser.

There are those who will say that all of the advertising is just for a Spybubble scam that promises everything but delivers nothing. This is not true. I’ve personally used Spybubble to monitor my children’s activities. It’s not about being unable to trust them; it’s more of a safety issue. And, once Spybubble went into action, I’ve been able to sleep better at night. So does Spybubble work? My answer is a resounding yes!

If you’re in need of a reliable spying software, then look no more. All the Spybubble reviews agree: this cellphone tracking software is light years ahead of all its competitors!

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  1. charles says:

    Spybubble is great. It’s exactly what i was looking for. It’s a great tool to discover the truth.
    Thanks for all the information.

  2. Danis says:

    Just bought the pro version of spybubble. Everything looks fine to me. now time to wait and see.

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